Some of the key issues challenges for deployment of ICT in Heath sector in Pakistan are:

  • Socioeconomic and development constraints like Tele-accessibility and poor information technology distribution in health sector.
  • Technology infrastructure and operational issues mainly low per capita investment in health sector.
    Imperfect markets in terms of connectivity and speed.
  • Entry barriers for service providers and firms for export of technology, royalties and licensing.
  • Lack of skilled and committed human resources resulting in major education and research divide.
  • Misguided vision of ICT of public health authorities in adopting ICT solution hasten the further induction and even the demise of public healthcare services incapable of competing with an IT enabled private sector.
  • ICT standardization issues, primarily accreditation for processes and procedures.
  • Lack of security and privacy, protection of health record against intrusion, unauthorized use, data corruption, intentional or unintentional damage, theft and fraud.
  • Low quality of publicly available information, which is difficult to ascertain and recommend on the credibility, motives, sponsorship & eventual conflict of interest in more than 50,000 health website in existence.