Awareness Session at Alyan Public School & College Patehka By TFHI-CHBC Team Muzaffarabad

08 June, 2017

On 08 June 2017,CHBC Team Muzaffarabad conducted an awareness session, in coordination with Dept. of Social Welfare Govt. of state of AJK, at Social Welfare Complex & Women Development Center Muzaffarabad AJK. Session was conducted by Miss Saima Maqbool Community Counselor and assisted by team of outreach workers. The session was well attended by management & staff of Social Welfare Department where awareness were given regarding causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment HIV/AIDS. A detailed question & answer session were followed where audience were requested for their support to break the stigma associated with this disease and seek helping hand in transforming healthy atmosphere in society. The manager Social Welfare Complex & Women Development Center Muzaffarabad AJK Mrs. Rukhsana Aziz while apprizing the efforts of CHBC team assured her full support of such events in future. The session was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and followed by the presentation of Ms. Saima Maqbool the community counselor at CHBC Muzaffarabad. The presentation included introduction to TFHI, its community & home base project and primary information regarding HIV/AIDS its symptoms, causes and treatment. The session was well attended by the staff & students of Ayan Public School & College Patehka. The presentation was concluded with the message thanks delivered by the community counselor.